Jan 1, 2008

Signs of an animator

Signs of an animator:

1. You find yourself walking outside and looking at the clouds and
saying "aww....I could do better than that!"
2. The sight of the sun coming up (as you're leaving work) frankly disgusts you!
3. You have more toys than the average toystore.
4. When you have to remind yourself to Blink.
5. The first thought you have after you spill a carton
of milk on the floor is to hit the undo key.
6. You actually consider buying that caffinated soap.
7. You're walking down the street, imitating someones walk,
putting your own spin on it, not realizing there are people walking behind you watching..
8. You realize you've been listening to the same CD continuoulsy for 6 hours.
9. Your hand looks like a crooked tree branch.
10. You've been scrubbing dialogue all day and when you take a break to get
something to eat, people talk to you like this, "wh the yoor we mittle bla.. wheershaw"
11. You take a lunch break, and you're 80 years old .
12. Your friends and family refuse to watch movies with you.
13. When you're in a conversation with someone and you're
analyzing their hand jestures and body language
rather than listening to what they're saying.
14. You can't turn on the lights without a gross
exageration of anticipation of your finger on the switch.
15. You do noises(WB style, etc.) when doing various actions.
16. You defend your favorite animation prog. as if it were a religion.
17. You know how to double bounce walk.
18. Boomerang companies are constantly calling you, asking if you could
come in so they could use your back as a mold for their new design.
19. 50,000 started but unfinished projects reside on your hard drive.
20. You are one of the two people that stay after movies to watch all of the credits.
21. If you've ever watched somone's hair move and thought how unrealistic it looks.
22. If your food isn't microwaved, your body goes into shock.
23. You actually find polka amusing..you can imagine a character dancing to it.
24. You say "ITS REFERENCE!!! OK>?!" when you act silly in public...when
In actuallity you havent seen the light of day in three days and need to wiggle it all out.
25. You buy an electric blanket and a coffee plater that is plugged into the wall
near your computer so you dont have to leave....
26. You dont answer your phone.
27. You have a mirror bigger than your car.
28. You sold your car for a computer.
29. You find clothes and food excessive spending, yet will drop
a couple hundred for a lighttable....and a cool mouse that massages your hand.
30. You sing your own version of the "Thong song....."
....your version being: "Phong, PHA-PHong,,,phong, phong...."
31. You own hundreds of sketchbooks for just ideas and skribbles.
32. You watch a dvd and watch it frame by frame.
33. You act out what you have to say to people...
rather than finding the right words.
34. Your family and friends assume you died.
35. You constantly try to use the hotbox to arrange your activies for the day.
36. Your parents laugh at you when you tell them that you make
cartoons until they find out you make more money than them.

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