Mar 28, 2011

50 Facial Expressions

whats amazing is how every-time i start looking for ways to improve my skill in animation, i always end with 2d stuff r hand drawn animation r expression r so on...
no matter how much 3d animation evolves i guess the root to master the art of 3d animation is purely based on mastering the art of hand drawn animation..

well i dont want to bore u with my thoughts, hehe
i guess u will know in time..
here is a great illustrtion by
dani jones ...well i cant say that this r perfect facial exp u can always fellow..because human expression r so powerful that u just cant put it in a chat n say that is it ^_^
a very little movement of ur check muscle can change the entire emotion in ur shot :)
but this will be a great start.

*Always Animated the emotions in ur shot, not what the character is saying.
*Don't try to tell too much in one expression.
*Don't let the expression conflict with the dialogue.
*The expression must be captured thru out, the whole body as well as the face.

Cheers guys i hope u will enjoy it ^_^
Harish .k


Animation degree said...

It is great if you can find a photo that will show the front and side view of the object you model

bhashkar-suainlogistics said...

great job.....